Walking with Maasai invests in and partner with Community Initiated projects. This way, the ownership remains with the people that benefit from it and ultimately need to make it work.

Olchorro Olepo School (The stream that never ends) is an initiative by the Olchorro Ngusur village to educate their own children. After a short closure due to lack of funding, the school restarted in 2016 with 14 students, again under the umbrella tree. The initial dream of the village was to grow the school up to class 3, from where the children are old enough to walk to the Government school. Since they started, two new villages formed nearby who also use this school, the national school system changed and the government school filled up over capacity.

We have a new dream to build the school up to the end of the new Primary School phase, which is Grade 6. The school will include PP1, PP2 and Grades 1-6.

Currently Olchorro Olepo Primary school has 158 enrolled students in PP1 up to Grade 4. In April the new academic year starts, adding a Grade 5 class. They are awaiting the final registration for the school.

One big classroom was built in 2017 with funding from Give2Get. We can temporarily subdivide that room to house two classes and upgrade the old one classroom. That leaves us with three classes short.

We are selling “Bricks of knowledge” as donation units HERE

Your gift will help to put up a structure that will educate many young minds in the years to come – slowly but surely creating a better future. One Brick of Knowledge goes for $25, and we need to sell 1000 of them.

For tax deductible donations in the USA please donate through MEI (Project: Bricks of Knowledge)

traditional building but we need to build a 5 more classrooms.

We need a total of $25 000, or 1000 Bricks of Knowledge to the value of $25 each, to complete the next phase of construction which will create a classroom for each level of education.

Your once-off gift will help create a space that will keep on giving the opportunity for kids to be educated in a learning-conducive environment.

Olchorro Olepo Primary School